35 Black Friday Epic Game Store Sale Deals You Can Get For Low Prices

It’s that time of year again. First we feast, then we shop until we drop. Or, well, I usually skip the shopping part and stick to the feast.

But if I’m going shopping, it won’t be in physical stores, in queues, or camping in the cold.

You can find a lot of good sales online this week, especially for digital products like PC games. The Epic Games Store is currently having a Black Friday sale and there are a lot of games on sale. I’ve reviewed them all and selected 35 that you can find in the list below with links and prices.

The following is a wide range of different games from different genres. I don’t even like all of these games but I know some are popular and my opinion doesn’t go far.

There is a game here for under a dollar! Others are newer and have slimmer savings, but are still cheaper than what you would normally find them.

I’ve played all of them even though I haven’t beaten them all and I think it’s a pretty solid list of titles that should have something for everyone. If you have any game recommendations for sale on the Epic Games Store this week, let me know at Twitter or Facebook.

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35 Black Friday Promotion Deals On The Epic Games Store

  1. Far cry 6 – $ 49.79 (instead of $ 59.99) – Sure, it’s more or less the same, but the same can be a lot of fun when you like blowing things up, taking down enemy bases and doing it with a ridiculous and wacky arsenal.
  2. Exiled conan – $ 11.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – If you like survival genre and Conan the Barbarian, the two come together in this popular online game. It’s a pretty solid discount.
  3. Kena: Bridge of Spirits – $ 35.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – I know it’s only $ 4 off, but it’s such a fantastic, lovely and beautiful game that you absolutely must play. Hopefully this goes well and Ember Lab can make a sequel, or just a brand new game.
  4. Hitman 3 – $ 23.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – Stealth assassination puzzles in sprawling sandbox levels with tons of player choices, great gameplay and the best graphics of all Hitman Game. And that’s more than half off!
  5. Back 4 Blood – $ 41.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – Co-op action with zombies reminiscent of the Left 4 Dead era. It’s a mixed bag in many ways, so picking it up during a sale is the way to go. Definitely more fun with friends.
  6. Rogue lords – $ 19.99 (instead of $ 24.99) – A “roguelite” RPG in the same style as Darkest Dungeon but you play as the devil leading a group of bad guys in your adventures.
  7. Remastered Crysis Trilogy – $ 39.99 (instead of $ 49.99) – These are far from perfect first person shooter games, but Crisis was such a great tech demo that it will always have a special place in my gamer heart.
  8. Darkest Dungeon II – $ 26.99 (instead of $ 29.99) – The sequel to the phenomenal Darkest Dungeon is more of a road trip than a dungeon robot. It’s a cool change of pace and highly recommended.
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 – $ 29.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – If you still haven’t played this open world cowboy game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, now you can get it for half the price.
  10. Ghostrunner – $ 11.99 (instead of $ 29.99) – Dude, this game is tough! You have to run and jump and run to the wall and fight your way through crazy stages, pass tons of enemies without taking a single hit. Fun but very hard.
  11. Avon Colony – $ 7.49 (instead of $ 29.99) – SimCity but on an alien planet with lots of cool space age tech.
  12. Second extinction – $ 14.99 (instead of $ 24.99) – A little like destiny but with dinosaurs. Amusing!
  13. Total War: Warhammer – $ 14.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – Large scale battles and many strategies in the dark fantasy world of War hammer.
  14. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – $ 29.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – Yes, it’s more or less the same in many ways, but takes place in a beautiful, rich and colorful Viking world with tons to explore.
  15. Borderlands 3 – $ 14.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – Cheesy humor, shady graphics and tons of weapons to loot, all playable with friends or solo. Play this one
  16. Riders – $ 19.79 (instead of $ 59.99) – I’m not gonna lie, it just wasn’t my cup of tea, but a lot of people seem to enjoy co-op third person shooter and it’s a really good deal!
  17. The pillars of the earth – $ 2.69 (instead of $ 29.99) – I am A big fan from the book this game is based on and the game is also really great and true to the novel. Known in history and beautifully designed.
  18. olija – $ 7.49 (instead of $ 14.99) – This is a cool little 2D platform with great pixel art graphics. Very moody.
  19. Alien: isolation – $ 9.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – The best Extraterrestrial game there, Alien: isolation is tense and scary, as it should be.
  20. Spiritist – $ 14.99 (instead of $ 29.99) – A game about the spirit of the dead on your ship, which you complete with gardens, different rooms and various other upgrades. Cuddle, cook food, enjoy the beautiful art style.
  21. Underworld – $ 17.49 (instead of $ 24.99) – One of the best games from last year, this action roguelite is smooth, challenging and fun and pretty much awesome all around. A fun challenge with great storytelling.
  22. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – $ 14.79 (instead of $ 39.99) – This is what happens when we take Dark souls and Star wars and have a baby. I really liked this game a lot even though it is not as good as the Souls series. Manufacturers of Apex Legends and Fall of the Titans.
  23. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – $ 3.59 (instead of $ 39.99) – Really a bargain on this tactical turn based ninja / samurai game. Difficult and really well designed. Very stealthy forward. Highly recommended.
  24. The witness – $ 9.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – Vivid and beautiful views and super challenging puzzles. Play with friends as it can be a real headache.
  25. Super Meat Boy – $ 0.74 (instead of $ 14.99) – This one is so cheap, it’s practically free. It’s also a super tough, wacky and bloody platformer game that will test your patience and skills.
  26. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – $ 10.19 (instead of $ 29.99) – A terrific medieval role-playing game set in the real world of Europe. No magic, but lots of chivalrous fights and a gripping story.
  27. What remains of Edith Finch – $ 5.99 (instead of $ 19.99) – A “walking simulator” filled with imagination and tragedy. I found this very short game quite deep and moving.
  28. Outdoor savages – $ 14.99 (instead of $ 24.99) – A mystery about a solar system trapped in a time loop. Such a smart game. Imaginative and well written. Must play.
  29. Control – $ 8.99 (instead of $ 29.99) – I really liked this one, even if it is not perfect. Trippy, mysterious, really cool pistols and definitely a spectator with ray tracing enabled. There’s a reason Nvidia used it as a showcase for their RTX graphics cards.
  30. Journey – $ 7.49 (instead of $ 14.99) – One of my all-time favorite games featuring one of my favorite composer Austin Wintory soundtracks. I tell everyone, even non-gamers, to play this game. You should too.
  31. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – $ 4.49 (was $ 14.99) – The best Far cry game if you value humor above all else. This one is hilarious and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. You roll a 20-sided die to distract enemies. Best tutorial in any game too.
  32. Death stranding – $ 17.99 (instead of $ 59.99) – This one, again, not my cup of tea at all. Many hours played and I just couldn’t get into it. But a lot of people love it, especially the folks at Monster Energy and the Norman Reedus butt fans. It is certainly unique if nothing else. No other game is like it.
  33. Deadly shell – $ 20.99 (instead of $ 29.99) – One of my favorite Souls-like games. Gorgeous graphics, great fighting and great level design. Definitely choose this one if you like Dark souls.
  34. Remnant of the ashes – $ 15.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – Goodness in third person co-op, this one really took off for a while. It’s not as popular as it used to be, but it’s still worth checking out.
  35. Mafia: definitive edition – $ 19.99 (instead of $ 39.99) – I didn’t play the original when it came out in 2002, but the 2020 remake is awesome. It’s a little weird to play it, though, because it’s very much in the style of RGT but it’s really a linear story with very little side quests or heavy work. I like this! Just beware of the infamous racing car level.

The Epic Games Store Black Friday Sale ends November 30 at 8 a.m. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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