A 3-month in-game “prize lock” is ending soon. That means cheap cereal and tuna – if you’re quick.


  • Three months ago, Game launched a “price-fixing” promotion, promising to freeze the prices of a range of products, including certain food items.
  • Inflation has run pretty hard since then.
  • The promotion is due to end this weekend.
  • This offers a small window of opportunity to buy very cheap cereals and fairly cheap tuna, even if the pasta isn’t worth it.
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In May – before food and general consumer inflation became stronger than anything South Africa has seen in over a decade – retailer Game selected a basket of products and promised to maintain their prices stable for three months, no matter what.

This included paint, cooking utensils and several types of alcohol, but also a handful of foodstuffs that have seen steep price increases since then. (Although, unfortunately, no cooking oil.)

This promotional period expires on Sunday.

Due to its success, Game is considering a similar set of deals beyond August, the channel told Business Insider South Africa this week.

In the meantime, we’ve compared The Game’s price-locked food prices with the prices at Checkers, Pick n Pay and Woolworths, and found a few things worth buying.

Here’s what’s currently cheap at the game’s locked prices, assuming you can find stock, and what isn’t.

1KG of corn flakes for R40 – 36% cheaper than elsewhere

Game’s Great Value Brand Corn Flakes are still available online for R39.99.

In terms of grains – a food group that took a huge impact from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – that’s a discount that can reach around 90%, depending on what and where you buy.

The game itself sells the gold standard Kellogg’s corn flakes for R75 a kilo. You will pay effective R60 per kg at Checkers, if you buy two of its 500g bags of house brand corn flakes.

The closest thing we could find to the price of the game with nationwide availability is at Pick n Pay, which asks R54 for 1kg of its No Name brand corn flakes – with a limit of 30 per order. It’s just a hair less than 36% more than at Game.

170g tuna, in oil or in brine, for R12 – around 40% off regular (but not all) prices elsewhere

you couldn’t buy Game’s Great Value Tuna in Vegetable Oil online when we checked, which was out of stock for delivery, but still on the shelves of at least some stores. (Availability is a moving target, but it’s worth trying the “Pick Up In Store – Check Availability” links on the in-game product pages.)

At the time of publication, this was also true for the brine version, which went from being available online to only in select stores between Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe it’s because of the price.

Even at an incorrect R13, as the brine version was listed until we checked and Game corrected that price, it was pretty cheap. At R12, this is all the more true.

ladies wants R17 for its branded tuna in waterabout 40% more, and that’s well below what you’ll pay for brand name fish, or at Woolworths, which costs about R23 per box if you buy three.

The closest price we could find is at Pick n Pay, which also normally charges R17, but has a Smart Shopper promotion where you can pay an effective R13.75 per can as long as you buy four cans at a time.

500g of macaroni and spaghetti for R13 – really not worth it

You will find out of stock messages for Game’s house brand macaroni and both a warning out of stock and bad price on its spaghetti, so there is no online purchase. But some stores had stock when we checked, meaning you might still be able to get 500g packs of either for R12.99. (Availability is a moving target , but it’s worth trying the “Pickup in Store – Check Availability” links on the in-game product pages.)

But it turns out other stores have done a good job of keeping pasta prices down, so it’s probably not worth the cost of gas to get to a game.

If you really want to, you can literally pay over ten times that price for pretty much the same thing: a 500g packet of Woolworths organic kamut khorasan spaghetti at R155. This will allow you to buy spaghetti “created using traditional Italian methods” but “made with wheat that originated in the Middle East many thousands of years ago”.

But Pick n Pay No Name Spaghetti is available at R14and you can even get the mark Fatti’s & Moni’s for the same priceif you buy two at a time with a Smart Shopper card.

The same goes for macaroni and the tastes of Brand Mr Pasta at Checkers, also goes for R14 for 500 grams.

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