Aftermath Islands expands in-game assets and NFT catalog with purchase of meta-heroes

Aftermath Islands, an interactive blockchain-based VR platform, has purchased Meta Hero, a digital asset project. This purchase includes the technical IP of Meta Hero. Aftermath Islands plans to use IP to create a wide range of in-game items and NFTs, which players can buy, sell, and use within the Aftermath Islands ecosystem.

What is the Meta Hero Project?

Meta Hero is a development and creation laboratory that works on photorealistic and fully rigged animated avatars. It also works on upgraded avatar superpowers and realistic objects in the world. To date, some of their creations include vehicles, animals and fantastical creatures. They are also creating motion and lip-sync solutions for use in the metaverse. They plan to release realistic sports facilities and players for Metaverse games.

What does the Meta Hero Project IP include?

Meta Hero’s technical IP is quite extensive. It includes Meta Karaoke, where users can choose a licensed karaoke song to sing and have their avatar sign on stage. They also have sports programs that players can participate in through professional sports team avatars. Various innovative generative NFT and game applications are being developed by Meta Hero. They include Combat Killer Clowns, which will launch on the Polygon channel, and The Outer Space Men, based on a line of 60s toys complete with a comic book. The men from outer space will be included in the island “Earth Base Alpha” as guardians of the Aftermath Islands ecosystem.

Planned expansion of the Aftermath Islands

Aftermath Islands is in expansion mode. The project has developed its P2E games, with the latest expansion planned with the release of Lost Kingdom of T’sara (LKoT), a web-based free-to-play clicker game. I will allow users to earn NFTs, Utility Tokens, and Resources, which can be used and traded in the wider Aftermath Isles metaverse. This game is built in accordance with the Aftermath Islands philosophy of decentralization and economic inclusiveness, providing people with the opportunity to earn and own virtual land.

Post-war islands

With its purchase of Meta Hero, Aftermath Islands opens its development lab to support third-party and internal projects. In addition to spearheading the development of Aftermath Islands, the managing director, David Lucatch, will participate in several developer and partner meetings, including the Monaco Crypto Summit scheduled for July 29, 2022 at the Grimaldi Forum.

According to the general management of Aftermath Islands, the Meta Hero project offers an extensive library of objects that can be used in Aftermath Islands. He noted that integrating Meta Hero assets and NFTs would help Aftermath Islands stay ahead of the competition. Lucatch added that combining the two projects would bring them one step closer to realizing the vision of creating safe, secure, and customizable avatars, digital assets, and items with real-world, metaverse utility.

What are the Aftermath Islands?

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is a creation of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited, incorporated in Barbados. It is designed as an open-world platform with islands representing destinations in a global virtual game. Users can trade virtual land (LV), goods such as buildings, transport, and other items through in-game NFTs.