Battlefield 2042 in-game store images and specialist rework changes spotted in patch 4.0; Fixed HDR option coming in a future update

Last week, DICE rolled out what is probably the biggest Battlefield 2042 patch yet with Title Update 4.0. Not only did this patch include over 400 gameplay fixes and improvements, but even a slew of pre-season challenges were uncovered, suggesting that Season 1 will begin in June. On top of that, it looks like DICE is planning to launch the Battlefield 2042 in-game store soon, as new category images have also been spotted in the game files!

Discovered by a reliable Battlefield dataminer temporary, in-game store category images were included in patch 4.0 and included bundles, cosmetics for soldiers, weapons and vehicles, and XP boosts. There were also files for five Premium currency packages and tiers, as well as weekly and bonus missions for the upcoming Battle Pass that we haven’t heard from since the game launched.

The dataminer also adds that the old version of the soldier cosmetic tile for the store menu was part of the Battlefield 2042 tech test client, and also introduces an unknown specialist who they believe could be “Hale” – a specialist who has been spotted in the data files recently.

In addition to the in-game store, another thing that has been spotted has been reworked by a specialist! It mentions “class selection”, “progress” and “level”. It even mentions “combat medics” and what they can do. This makes sense, as DICE recently confirmed that Specialists are not being removed but reworked.

In other Battlefield 2042 news, Battlefield Community Manager Straatford87 has confirmed (via EA Answers forums) that a patch is on the way for an HDR option fix for consoles, so it will be automatically enabled if your TV/monitor supports it. This fix will be released in a future update.

Same with anything datamined, the results here don’t guarantee an in-game store selling cosmetics and XP boosts will come out anytime soon, but don’t be surprised if they do. I mean, that’s the kind of thing that makes sense to be part of the Season 1 rollout. Hopefully the game is in much better shape (and there’s a ton of new content) before we didn’t see microtransactions of all kinds coming out.