Battlefield 2042: where to buy the game, prices and editions

Battlefield 2042 officially makes its market debut. Its launch marks the beginning of its support throughout the months, from which we are expecting new content in terms of content. New specialists, maps, weapons and more They will arrive throughout 2022. We tell you where you can get it and what editions it has.

Battlefield 2042 prices and editions

Its retail price varies depending on the format and platform you select. In physics the PS4 and Xbox One version is part of 69.99 euros, on PS5 and Xbox Series X | It’s the case 79.95 euros. On PC it is only available in digital format for 59.99 euros. If you prefer to buy it directly in the virtual store of your platform, the Standard Edition of the two generations is available respectively at 69.99 euros and 79.99 euros. If you buy it on PS5 or Xbox Series X | S you will receive the license of the previous model.

Enthusiasts have two digital exclusive ways to extend the experience from day one. The Gold Edition offers at 99.99 euros the Battlefield 2042 license for both generations, the Year 1 Pass and Early Access. Second, you’ll see the Ultimate Edition, which in addition to all of the above includes an official digital art book, exclusive digital soundtrack, and the Ultimate Midnight Pack.

Where can I buy Battlefield 2042?

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