CGU and Forthbox enter into strategic partnership and add game elements for league players

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Crypto Gaming United and Forthbox have entered into a strategic partnership

With Forthbox, we can bring even more people into the blockchain economy by getting them to start playing to win with regular games and no metaverse. “”

– Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU.

SINGAPORE, December 14, 2021 / – Crypto Gaming United and Forthbox have entered into a strategic partnership to make Forthbox gaming assets available to CGU league players, increasing the number of games available to gaming workers to earn and leveraging the GameFi Platform to help regular game players enter the blockchain economy.

Forthbox is a full-category GameFi aggregation platform service provider that allows regular online game players to earn tokens and convert them to NFT by physically equipping a HAM space monkey, which will eventually become the player’s metaverse avatar. Tokens can be earned or purchased by playing any game on the Forthbox platform, of which 15, in the Avatar series, are developed in-house. The first, Space Wars, an old-school shooter, is live and can be downloaded here:

CGU,, the world’s largest blockchain games league, is a leader in the gaming market to earn Metaverse, which is a rapidly growing segment of the $ 2 trillion international marketplace. online gaming market. Since launching in September, CGU has built a community of 100,000 members through its Discord channel, making it the largest guild to play to win. As part of the strategic partnership with Forthbox, CGU purchased a large amount of existing and future NFT assets for the league, making them available to CGU players as part of their purse.

Scholarships are a key feature of CGU. When players join blockchain games like Space Wars or get avatars like HAM to enter metaverse communities, they have to purchase their own assets, sometimes spending more than US $ 1,000, in order to earn tokens and NFTs that can then be cashed. for fiat. With CGU league players, it’s CGU that foots the bill, sharing the income with its players when they start making in-game money by earning NFT-based assets and cashing them out through the marketplace. of CGU.

“We are very excited to add a full GameFi platform to the game universe to earn CGU,” said Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU. “With Forthbox, we can bring even more people into the blockchain economy by getting them to start playing to win with regular, non-metaverse games, slowly progressing to building NFT assets and learning important skills. metavers they will need in the 21st century job market.

Thousands of CGU League members currently earn around $ 1,000 per month by earning NFT assets in various games and cashing them out through the CGU platform. With Forthbox, members will need Forthbox tokens to switch to HAM NFT typing and trading.

Since its listing at US $ 0.01 on November 28, 2021, FBX has steadily appreciated, now trading above US $ 0.2.

“We are happy that CGU has joined us on our mission to bring non-blockchain players into the blockchain and metaverse economy,” said Jacky Wong, co-founder of Forthbox. “We look forward to introducing the Avatar and HAM series games to tens of thousands of CGU gamers around the world. “

To support its thousands of players, CGU recently raised a total of US $ 17.5 million in three rounds of investment, the latest being the actual CGU token IDO on the TimeX exchange. The IDO was a huge success and sold out in a record 6 seconds. In total, CGU has 1 billion tokens, the majority of which (58%) is reserved for the CGU community and treasury.

The influx of new members joining CGU pushed the token price beyond US $ 2, valuing CGU’s fully diluted market cap at over US $ 2 billion. The CGU token, built on Binance Smart Chain, is currently available for purchase on the TimeX, Pancakeswap, and Olive.Cash exchanges, with more exchange listings coming soon., which is also part of the CGU tech ecosystem, can be used to convert Binance Smart Chain’s CGU token to Ethereum.

About Crypto Gaming United

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a Singapore and Dubai-based crypto-gaming NFT company that brings together people from developing countries to create a new metaverse economy and earn sustainable income, while learning new digital skills and development. ‘engaging with the global blockchain gaming community. . By providing an innovative and comprehensive solution for gamers to access games and education to earn money, Crypto Gaming United offers valuable opportunities to thousands of skilled workers in developing countries.

About ForthBox

ForthBox is a full category GameFi aggregation service platform. It formulates a game scenario-based NFT asset aggregation protocol, helps game developers issue one-click game NFTs, and makes the rapid transformation of traditional online games into blockchain games a reality. Based on the GameFi and NFT gaming ecology, ForthBox uses Web 3.0 SocialFi as a means to direct the flow of games, transforming traditional online game players into blockchain game players. In response to the launch of the GameFi platform, the ForthBox team will phased out 15 independently developed Avatar series metaverse games to create a flagship product at the platform’s application layer and ensure that the platform has continuous and stable users.

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