Chimeras announces NFT sales for in-game assets

KYIV, Ukraine, November 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Chimeras announces a brand new collection of NFT-based characters for sale on INO platforms and its Marlet.

Play-to-Earn Game Metaverse Chimera launches a whole new collection of NFTs based on characters from the game. There are two types of characters in the in-game world of Chimeras: the Chimeras and the Chimeras. The new NFTs feature 20 of The Chosen characters, with 268 additional variations and different celebrity levels, for a total of 5360 new NFT characters that will be used and can be upgraded in the game. ‘a player can use for battles. A player can get a chosen one by performing a ritual with a magic stone. There is no limit on the appearance and skills of the chosen ones: they look like people, demons, dragons. Each chosen one can be turned into an NFT and sold so that a player can also win with it.

A player can level up the chosen one through experience and unique sources gained in battles. There are also runes and ranks of the chosen ones that can give the character more health or other skills.

The rank and level of the Chosen doesn’t matter – a Chosen One must “eat” the particular number of other Chosen with a specific number of stars. It is an adventurous trip for people who want to enjoy the game and earn money.

The first stage of the NFT sale has already started. The collection will also be on sale on the NFT marketplaces. at 12:00 UTC on Tuesday 23 November and tofuNFT at 12:00 p.m. UTC on Wednesday, November 24. In addition, stay tuned for INO announcements on Bullperks and a few other platforms and markets.

Keep an eye on the Chimeras site here and social networks for more detailed information.

Chimeras develops the Play-to-Earn space

The launch follows a successful private fundraising round last month, which raised the Play-to-Earn project to just over $ 2 million. Several well-known blockchain venture capital firms participated in the private round, including Polygon, Master Ventures, AU 21, Poolz, BullPerks, X21, OIG Invest, Panda Capital, Shima Capital, LVT Capital, Otis Capital and Lotus Capital. The funds are used to further develop the leading Play-to-Earn platform. Chimeras also successfully launched an IDO on 3 platforms towards the end of October 2021.

The token forms the backbone of the in-game economy, allowing users to trade in-game assets such as lands and NFT-based items. Users can also spend CHIM to purchase NFT items, create creatures, purchase plots of land, and upgrade NFT items. Combined, these features put the Chimera at the forefront of the decentralized Play-to-Earn space.

About chimeras

The Chimera project is a Play-to-Earn metaverse that takes the Free-to-Play approach that allows players to earn money on the content they generate in the game and the actions and achievements they perform. The core concept of Chimeras is an exciting mobile game with built-in DeFi farming and NFT tokenization that revolves around a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures – Chimeras.

Chimeras includes a well-developed backstory that engulfs players with its lore. The vast fantasy world of the Chimera is populated by farmers, alchemists, merchants, killers, landowners, and social societies. The islands and archipelagos of the Metavians stretch out in the midst of a boundless global ocean, with some islands having owners, as travelers and traders surf the expanses of the universe in search of adventure and adventure. profitable offers. The game also includes elements of combat, as the warriors are eager to fight worthy rivals in the arenas, while the scientists compete for the breeding of the most amazing creatures in their laboratories.

The team behind Chimeras has immense experience in the industry. This includes professionals from BlockchainDev, GameDev, and marketing, all focused on building an entertainment crypto-game. More than 30 specialists apply leading practices to develop successful gaming solutions and focus on entertainment at the heart of the whole game.

To learn more about Chimeras and the launch of their new NFTs, visit their main website here.

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