Epic Game Store sale includes huge discounts for ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Far Cry’

Epic is betting you’re looking for games to keep you entertained this summer. The Epic Games Store is running a “Mega Sale” from today (May 19) until June 16 that offers deep discounts on a host of PC games, including some recent blockbusters. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is 29% off, while the open-world shooter far cry 6 is a whopping 50 percent off. Bethesda recently launched Ghostwire: Tokyo is on sale for the first time at 34% off, while The wonders of Tiny Tina and the tough brawler Sifu both see declines of 20%.

Transactions are actually bigger than that. Every Epic Games account receives a 25% coupon that applies to any full game purchase worth at least $15 after all other discounts, including the major ones mentioned above. You will also receive a coupon after each transaction. Sale does not apply to add-ons, game content or non-game related software.

The promotion will align with four weekly giveaways for “tentpole” games. So you won’t have to pay anything to get at least something from the mega sale, although Epic is clearly hoping you’ll buy something else while you download your free titles.

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