Epic Game Store seems to have lost a lot of money on exclusives

The Epic Vs. The Apple lawsuit has continued to give us interesting information. It looks like Epic Games lost around $ 130 million on the first 23 games they paid for exclusivity.

The Epic Games Store has been a bit of a black sheep since its inception. Console users are used to exclusives, but it’s not something that really existed on the PC ecosystem until the Epic Games Store. It’s safe to say that PC gamers have been less than happy with the prospect.

Really, it’s just interesting how much they paid for the exclusives and how much it cost them overall. It was clear that they would lose money on this strategy, at least in the short term, to capture some of Steam’s user base. It is not known if it worked well, but the idea certainly came at a cost.

Epic Games has spent around $ 210 million on exclusives but only plans to recoup around $ 80 million from that investment. This is what we call not great. It appears that only two games actually made any money, while the rest failed to pay off the initial investment.

A look at Metro Exodus that shows just how badly some of these exclusives went. It looks like Epic Games paid $ 37 million for Metro Exodus, but there should be a shortfall of $ 22.2 million. This means that Metro Exodus made less than half of the expected revenue.

Of course, this would all hurt a lot more if Epic Games didn’t have Fortnite. Fortnite’s first year grossed $ 2.4 billion in its first year alone, according to Superdata. This amount of money hurts my brain.

It should be noted that Epic Games expects it to lose money on The Epic Game Store to begin with. Their current plan is to make the store profitable by 2023.