Epic Game Store’s first two free games of March 2022 explained

Since the epic holiday giveaway in December, the Epic Games Store slowed its number of outings to one per week. It might be the usual, but sometimes the Epic Games Store sprinkles more than that. It has remained fairly consistent since the beginning of the year, at least until now.

From now until March 3, players will be able to claim Cree Tales on the Epic Games Store. It’s an RPG worthy of fans’ time, but others may be curious about upcoming games. From March 3-10, Epic Games Store users will be able to claim two games—Black Widow: Recharged and Centipede: Reloaded. For those curious about these two titles, here’s what users need to know.


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Epic Games Store – Centipede: Reloaded

Retro reboots are nothing new, and this one is one for the classic arcade game Centipede. The classic gameplay style remains the focus, but the visuals and controls are vastly improved over its arcade counterpart. Besides, Centipede: Reloaded features an original score by Megan McDuffee. Each level is playable as a local cop, and players can also collect a dozen new bonuses and complete 30 challenges. In the end, however, those who want it Centipede nostalgia will also not miss this for all the new features.

Epic Games Store – Black Widow: Reloaded

Joining it, obviously by name, is another retro reboot. Black Widow: Recharged may be less recognizable than Centipede for some, but players will defend their spider web against a bug attack via dual-stick shooter gameplay. Much the same of Centipede, such as cooperation, updates and the original score, remains the same. The same challenges are even there, but one unique element is the new ability of a Massive Web Blast that will help players in the blink of an eye – obtained by collecting money from dead bugs.

Not a fan of retro on the Epic Games Store?

Unfortunately, anyone who isn’t a huge fan of retro won’t really have much incentive the week of March 3. It happens, but it’s not something to worry about. Unlike a bad PS Plus free game month, for example, fans don’t have to wait a full month for the next pick. Both of these games will shoot on March 10, for something new that has yet to be revealed. If there’s a reasonable guess as to what this game (or games) is, it’s probably not retro.

Sometimes free Epic Games Store titles share commonalities, but they’re never necessarily themed. That is to say, there are unlikely to be more retro games in March, based on past models, so fans don’t have much time to wait between those retro games and the March 10 game.

Epic Games Store users typically receive a handful of free games each month.

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