Epic Spent $ 11.6 Million On Free Games In Epic Game Store’s First Nine Months

Epic Games’ ongoing lawsuit with Apple over antitrust issues has shed new light on developer Fortnite’s business practices, communication with partners, and the company’s early days.

One of those revelations is an accurate record of how much money was paid to developers and publishers who featured a game in numerous weekly free giveaways.

In total, the amount of money Epic Games paid developers and publishers for making their games available for free in the first nine months of the Epic Games Store was $ 11.6 million.

How did the Epic Games Store spend $ 11.6 million?

Epic had purchased 38 games for free distribution in September 2019, after the store launched in December 2018, and these games in turn were claimed 104.57 million times by customers. Each game’s redemption price ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 1.5 million – the latter belonging to the Batman Arkham trilogy, the highest purchase price in September 2019.

Epic’s logic behind these purchases is that by offering these high-profile games, they will expand their new users and retain their user base – a philosophy that seems to have been confirmed in practice. Epic Games records also show data on the number of new users logged in for each free game, allowing them to see how profitable each purchase was.

Right now, data indicates that Epic’s most successful free-to-play game was Subnautica, which drew 805,052 users. Epic paid $ 1.4 million for Subnautica.

While this business model has drawn dozens of new members to the Epic Games Store, it hasn’t really paid off – right now, only around 7% of users who claim free games spend money. in the Epic Games Store. CEO Tim Sweeney’s strategy appears to be to hook gamers now and ease off the high-priced free-to-play games later, once they’ve hopefully established a loyal following.

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