Every Epic Games PC game store offers free

In modern gaming environments, it’s very easy not to pay for games. It’s because the studio makes some really great movies for free. But it’s also because companies with deep pockets like Epic continue to offer paid products. This year’s Christmas sale on the Epic Games Store is no exception, with unlimited $ 10 coupons and 15 free games through the end of 2021. The
The sale is a giveaway for Shenmue III, the 2019 Kickstarter success story, which began on Thursday, December 16. Surprisingly decent, it usually costs $ 30. Today’s take is also incredibly remarkable: Loop Hero. Released earlier this year, Deck Building’s Rogue Light is a cool, nihilistic story about its satisfying locking system and trying to rebuild the old world by overtaking Void, so I’ll be here soon. It has become one of my favorites and many others. Best of all, it can be played on almost any PC hardware that still has a boost. the
The game is only available 24 hours a day from the day it goes live. So be sure to add it to your account even if you don’t plan to start playing right away.

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  • Every Epic Games PC game store offers free
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