Final Fantasy 7 Remake price hidden on Epic Game Store following backlash

Epic hid the price of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store following the massive backlash.

One of the biggest reveal of the 2021 Game Awards was that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally ported to PC. A first take on this announcement was that it’s exclusive to the Epic Games Store, much like Kingdom Hearts. Another glitch that Epic Games Store users quickly noticed: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is priced at $ 70.

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This quickly sparked backlash from gamers, who pointed out how expensive it was compared to other triple-A releases on the service and PC as a whole. It was also considered expensive for a two-year-old game with no other improvements other than those made in the Intergrade expansion.


In response to this, Epic Games hid the price of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store. Going to the in-game page shows that the prize has been completely removed and replaced with a notice saying it “is coming soon”. Players quickly noticed the change and started posting it on Twitter.

It’s not entirely clear why Epic has hidden the price from its store page at this time. He faced a similar backlash when the price was revealed for the Kingdom Hearts games, but didn’t have to hide the price at that time. It’s possible that he will reconsider the price of Final Fantasy 7 Remake after the backlash, but that doesn’t seem likely given the price of previous Square Enix titles.

It’s worth noting that Epic has made no secret of the price of Forspoken, which still sits at $ 70 at the time of writing. Although players were slightly less annoyed with the price of Forspoken given that it is a brand new title, it faced a similar level of reaction. The fact that the price remains on the in-game page implies that the price of $ 70 will not change for newer titles, although the deletion of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake page implies that that may change.


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