Focused on Mississippi: The Game Store

FLOWOOD, Mississippi (WJTV) – The Flowood flea market is a great weekend diversion for many people. Most of the time, older people find things from their past, while younger people find new adventures.

“Everyone just wants what you had; your childhood toys that you did not take care of or your mom sold at the garage sale. You come back to what you had and want, ”said Michael Page, of The Game Store.

There are many businesses built on this same premise; Take me home. In our lifetime, we remember certain things fondly and try to find them. Video games seem to be one of the most popular items right now. Page has perhaps the largest collection of Southern video games in The Game Store at the Flowood Flea Market.

“And people from London, England, Sydney, Australia, Dallas-Fort Worth told me they didn’t have something like that. Not the detail we’re going to, to make sure we have all the right games here, ”Page explained.

Kelly Leo visited the store with her two boys.

“I had a few games, but it wasn’t my thing. I am here for these children. They love it, ”said Leo.

Most people who browse the flea market and then browse the games look to the past, including Neal Bumpus, who is a member of a newly formed collectors group in Byram.

“It’s called mom’s trash can. We collect items that your mother would have thrown away after you got too old for it or moved out, went to college, ”he said.

This is where Page got a lot of his inventory. With the help of Taylor Scrivner, they fix the games.

“Every system has a flaw. We tackle it, go on the internet, buy the part and put it on, ”Page explained.

The Flowood Flea Market is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Flowood Drive near Puckett Equipment Company.