Fourways Mall game store gets a makeover

The game store at Fourways Mall relaunched on July 1 after undergoing a massive makeover.

Director of Game store operations in the country, Mark Calderwood discusses changes to the store, including where fitness and cycling products have been placed. Photo: Khomotso Mokgabutlane

There are 115 game stores across the country being refurbished and the Fourways store celebrated its new look with a special Halfway Day offer, valid only for July 1st.

Thando Mbexe and Unathi Maqambayi at Game in Fourways Mall for the various promotions offered. Photo: Khomotso Mokgabutlane

Game’s COO Mark Calderwood said neither the shoppers’ experience nor store hours have been affected by changes to the store over the past 18 months.

Nokuthula Nyajeka reviews some gym equipment offered by Game in Fourways Mall. Photo: Khomotso Mokgabutlane

“We’ve been working overnight with the redesign so nothing gets disrupted when customers are in the store,” he said.

Zanele Ngwenya checks out some of the promotions offered at Game in Fourways Mall. Photo: Khomotso Mokgabutlane

“Fourways is our project test store, so anything we want to try across the chain, we test it here first and check for sales and then go from there,” Calderwood concluded.

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