Game Store Worker Creates Hilarious Custom Box For Bulk Games

There are several video game retailers around the world, many of which like GameStop are currently focusing on Black Friday deals. One store, however, seems to be a little more fun-focused this holiday season, showing some hilarious custom box art on ICT Tac.

A Tiktoker known as SirShemp recently shared a video, describing exactly what he does in his job. Also as a graphic designer, he’s tasked with adding box art whenever someone comes in and trades video games that don’t have their own. Apparently, however, whenever SirShemp gets a lot of trades, he prefers to mess around with box art.


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In this recent TikTok video, SirShemp shows how he changed the box arts on games like Need for Speed ​​Undercover, Dance Central, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: World at War, Cars 3: Driven to Win, Cars: Raceorama, NBA 2K17, and Def Jam: Fight for NY. Many of them were pretty simple, though still incredibly hilarious, like renaming dance center like “Dank Central”, call of Duty Black Ops like “Call of Duty: BLOPS” and Call of Duty World at War like “Call of Duty: War at World”.

Some of them got a bit more complex though, like adding an actual game meme in Vin Diesel to Cars 3‘s box art, extending mouth, jaw and/or playing with face NBA 2K17, and adding a ton of fingers – a simply inhuman amount of fingers – to Def Jam: Fight for NY. The most innocuous changes are often the funniest, and that’s where all these changes come in.

SirShemp, at the end of the video, asks his viewers if there are any other games he’d like to see him play, and there have been some calls for it to become a TikTok series. Many have requested games like Halo, Super Smash Bros, Titanfall, or a Soulsborne game to get that treatment, and it’s certainly something fun to imagine. Whether SirShemp continues, these shenanigans remain to be seen, however.

Obviously, the game has a strong presence on Tiktok and its communities. This is far from the first video game-related video to appear on Tiktok, and it certainly won’t be the last. Some videos even included Red Dead Redemption 2Arthur Morgan is trending Tiktok, which is about as crazy as it sounds. Either way, comedy, Tiktok, and gaming go hand in hand, and I hope SirShemp’s next video will be just as funny as this one.

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