Gothic Remake will feature an in-game store

Good One, Alkimia Interactive, you had us totally

Editor’s note: we are relieved to announce that it was April Fool’s Day from THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive.

We don’t like being mean to games that haven’t even released yet, but we don’t know why THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive are already proudly announcing that the cult RPG Gothic remake will feature an in-game store. Not even a release date yet, and we already know the G-Store will be carrying gear, quality of life items, and full character specs. It’s clear where the developers’ priorities lie. All transactions will be made with G-Coins, which can be purchased at a fixed rate or earned by watching live broadcasts of the game. At least, it’s not just about microtransactions. Every hour spent watching a live stream will reward registered users with G-Coins. We can’t tell you how many, however.

The G-Store will offer plenty of possibilities to customize your character, let’s assume. You can buy Diego’s Legendary Weapons, get a stylish new wardrobe, stock up on healing potions, grab a ton of XP boosters, or rack up creature-type-focused damage boosters. If you are having difficulty defeating a particular enemy, the G-Store offers might be of use to you. And, of course, if you’ve really sloppy building your character, you can buy a quick respec. Really, however, the most important thing the G-Store will offer are pets. That’s right, for the first time, Gothic will offer the most requested type of item, exclusively in the G-Store. Pounce on these baby scavengers and young trolls when you get the chance.

If you really want to learn more about this new microtransaction opportunity and pay to win, here are the current rates:

  • 2.500 G-Coins for EUR / USD 12.99
  • 5,000 G-Coins for EUR / USD 24.99 (+500 Bonus G-Coins)
  • 10,000 G-Coins for EUR / USD 59.99 (+1000 Bonus G-Coins)
  • 20,000 G-Coins for EUR / USD 99.99 (best value and +2,000 G-Coins bonus)

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