Halo Infinite players want to boycott in-game store purchases

While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was released for free, high item prices led Redditors to call for a boycott of the cosmetics store.

In response to the high prices of Infinite haloIn the Item Shop, some fans plan to boycott all purchases of cosmetic items on the market in the game’s multiplayer mode. The latest installment in the sci-fi shootout series has seen multiple delays and development. that would have been rocky. However, Infinite haloIts multiplayer recently launched for free, with the Master Chief single-player story campaign coming on December 8.

The sudden release of Infinite haloThe multiplayer mode of, which correlated with the 20th anniversary of the beloved franchise, came as a big surprise to Xbox aficionados. The launch marks the first time that a Halo The game offered free multiplayer, something fans were very interested to see. Unfortunately, while Infinite haloThe multiplayer itself is free to play, an abundance of microtransactions has caused a backlash from the title’s player base. While basic cosmetic items are available in the base game, an overwhelming majority of customization options are locked in the in-game microtransaction store. In-game currency also cannot be earned through in-game, which means that players must pay real money for the cosmetics they wish to own. The game’s first season will soon fill the store with items, as fans calculate that Infinite haloSeason 1 microtransactions will total over $ 1,000.


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In response to Infinite haloWith a focus on microtransactions, Reddit user GoobyOfPls suggests the player base is boycotting the title’s item store. The post, which has received a lot of positive attention from gamers, reiterates that the prices of in-game items are way too high. For example, a cosmetic belt that is only compatible with a single armor core will be sold for $ 15 by developer 343 Industries. GoobyOfPls also claims that the focus on microtransactions breaks the developer’s promises, 343 having previously said armor pieces and sets will be available for free.

See the post on Reddit here.

While gamers are understandably frustrated with the prices of in-game items, 343 Industries will hopefully be able to adapt. Infinite halocosmetic situation in the future. Upon release, players also criticized Infinite haloThe Battle Pass system, a paid progression system that grants a series of rewards by earning points. While Battle Passes are a popular part of the modern first-person shooter landscape, Infinite haloThe pass only allowed players to level up by completing specific challenges rather than just playing the game. After a backlash, 343 Industries adjusted the Battle Pass system, giving rise to hopes that the title item store could as well. be changed.

As a free-to-play multiplayer title, microtransactions are an essential way to Infinite halo receive funds for future development. That said, the Reddit post suggests that an abundance of gamers found the prices displayed in the in-game cosmetic item store too high to be considered fair. While it’s not clear how effective a fan boycott can be, 343 Industries may be inclined to adjust. Infinite halomicrotransaction prices in light of the backlash.

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Infinite halo multiplayer is available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC. The full title will be released on December 8, 2021.

Source: GoobyOfPls / Reddit

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