Halo: MCC’s new in-game store has no microtransactions

343 Industries has shed new light on one of the features of Halo: The Master Chief Collection in a future update. The “Exchange,” as it’s called, is a sort of in-game store where players can spend their Season Points – but not real money – to acquire certain items.

Technical designer Dana Jerpbak said in a blog post that the exchange was designed with two main goals, the first being to create a system where players could have more freedom and choice for what content to unlock. The second was to create a place where players could spend Season Points to collect items from a previous season that had already ended.

A first look at the work in progress on the Exchange

“As an added focus, we also wanted to minimize the fear of missing out, or ‘FOMO’ associated with that experience,” Jerpbak said. “The Exchange will offer customization elements from two main categories: content from the previous limited-time season and new themed content. “

With each new season, like the upcoming Season 6, these categories will increase with even more content to unlock. They will be split between the Featured and Limited Time categories, which should be familiar to people who play Fortnite, Apex Legends, and the like.

“The first is a collection of thematic bundles of items that will increase over time (usually when a new season is introduced). The second is a collection of stand-alone items that rotate weekly,” Jerpbak said. “Of course, you might also see stand-alone items or rotation bundles introduced in the future. “

For some items that were previously available from a Seasonal Challenge, their price will reflect the difficulty of that challenge. Jerpbak also mentioned that these challenge rewards will “rest” for a period of about a season (about two months) after the challenge ends. This is all done so that players who unlock the current season’s challenge reward feel that their time and investment has been meaningful.

“It’s important that players who have worked hard to earn an award experience the time value of having the award long before it becomes more widely available,” Jerpbak said. “Players are naturally attached to the rewards they have earned for difficult challenges and we intend not to trivialize this by ‘just giving’ prestigious rewards.”

Also in the blog post, Jerpbak pointed out that content on The Exchange can only be unlocked with Season Points, not real money.

Trade Items are unlocked through Season Points that players earn as they level up and complete challenges in MCC. No real money is involved whatsoever, ”Jerpbak said.

343 have already tested MCC’s new Exchange feature in a previous beta test, or flight, but the feature has not yet been released to everyone.

Next is the MCC Season 6 update, adding new maps for Halo 3 that originally debuted in the canceled free Halo Online game for Russia.

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