‘Horizon Forbidden West’: More clues point to potential in-game store and DLC expansions release

“Horizon Forbidden West” is a full-fledged single-player game that explains why it doesn’t need to have an in-game store. However, players may have found another hint that the game will have such a feature on all line.

In-game stores have become a more common feature in video games these days, especially for titles that have microtransactions. This feature is generally not available in single-player games like “Horizon Forbidden West”.

However, there have been rumors that Guerilla Games may consider adding in-store play in the future, where players can find add-on content like cosmetic items and DLC. Fans of “Horizon Forbidden West” started speculating about its possibility again this week after some pointed out that the physical copy of the game includes a label indicating that it has in-game purchases.

Fans on Reddit noted that a video posted by the VSC Rating Board doubled down on this information. The video aimed to explain why ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ received a PEGI 16 rating, the host said: “This game offers players the opportunity to connect to an online storefront where they can purchase later DLC expansions, which that some parents or guardians may want to be aware of. It should be noted that the game can still be played without the need to purchase such items.

This message is also posted on the VSC Rating Board website. The Entertainment Software Rating Board, which provides ratings for video games released in the United States and Canada, gave “Horizon Forbidden West” a Teen rating. This means that the game is deemed suitable for players aged 13 and over. The ESRB website also informs parents that the game offers in-app purchases.

Guerilla Games has yet to explain why “Horizon Forbidden West” was marked as having in-game purchases by both leaderboards despite lacking an in-game store. optional customization items, while others suggest the game could have a direct store where players can directly purchase expansions later.

“Horizon Forbidden West” has only been out for a week, so post-launch content details are still scarce. But it’s worth noting that “Horizon Zero Dawn” had “The Frozen Wild” expansion, so its sequel might get the same treatment.