Imperia Online explains how externally acquired game assets can prove successful

Imperia online is one of the largest game production companies in South East Europe and has been part of the leading free-to-play group Stillfront since September 2018. Since its inception, Imperia Online has developed and operated numerous game projects. games, but it has also successfully taken on externally developed games via in-game asset acquisitions. The studio now operates two of these titles: Seat: World War II and Crush them all.

Imperia is a live operations expert and has been running live games on mobile and desktop for over 16 years. The flagship title of the studio is Imperia onlinea medieval MMO strategy game published on browser and mobile platforms.

Turned the table for two games by acquiring their in-game assets

In early 2020, Imperia Online took over the development and operation of Seat: World War II from its sister studio Stillfront Simutronics. By creating new content for the game and adding more live ops resources, Imperia was able to turn the declining title into a stable title with sustained DAUs and growing profits, while Simutronics was able to free up resources to focus on other priority titles and the development of new games. .

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In June 2021, Stillfront acquired Crush them allpopular Idle RPG developed in 2017 by Godzilab. Immediately after the acquisition, the game was transferred, operated and published by Imperia. The game did well during Imperia’s run and just months after being added to Imperia’s games portfolio, Crush Them All was nominated for Best RPG 2021 to TIGA Award

As a long-time developer and publisher, Imperia knows it can be difficult for studios to drop a game, but our experience shows it can be a smart and efficient way to fund new game development, while bringing new energy. and life to the existing game title and its gaming community. We see this as a classic win-win situation, where everyone benefits from the transaction

Cvetan Rusimov, COO of Imperia Online

Following the successful acquisitions of Siege: World War II and Crush Them All, Imperia Online is now on the hunt for its next game acquisition where the studio can leverage its long live experience to breathe new life into game titles. neglected.

crush them all
Image via Imperia online

Cvetan Rusimov adds: “If you are a studio and feel that you have a game project that you are not able to give the time and resources that it and its community deserve, then do not hesitate to contact us. Imperia would be happy to discuss a solution where we can support you while you focus on other projects.

The article is written by Cvetan Rusimov – COO of Imperia Online

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