Incredible Elden Ring Malenia Statue Spotted In Game Store

A game/hobby store has installed a statue of the Malenia character from Elden Ring, showing a life-size model of the towering warrior.

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Ring of Elden is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and with its release date fast approaching, gamers will soon be able to experience FromSoftware’s latest title. The hype built around Ring of Elden was unprecedented, with the game winning accolades for its anticipation two years in a row.

Everything points to the game living up to the hype, which means Ring of Elden become the next big game players are talking about; comparable to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildmany anticipate Ring of Elden will have a strong chance of winning Game of the Year 2022 among the official Game Awards. Not only is this sentiment shared online, but game stores have also started advertising the game ahead of its release.


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These ads have varied in representation, but one may stand out from the rest in terms of effort and execution. That’s because a game store in the UK has erected a life-size statue of Malenia, a valkyrie-like warrior featured in Ring of Elden trailers and news. Malenia quickly became a fan-favorite character, with a Ring of Elden fan getting a Malenia tattoo in honor of the character.

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Ever since the character’s reveal, fans have been wondering if Malenia will be one of the Ring of Eldenoptional bosses or a main story character. Having a statue of the character in a store seems to have some significance, not least because of its quality. The statue shows Malenia in incredible detail, with great attention to detail in her clothing and armor. Along with his trademark prosthetic arm, his legs also appear to be metal, though it could just be an armored cover. Malenia’s golden mask is also present, which has left fans eager to acquire it as an in-game piece of armor.

Reddit user WeeabooTrash6 posted a gallery of images depicting the statue, and while some Reddit users were blown away by the statue, others couldn’t help but crack jokes. For example, the comment at the top of the thread said that WeeabooTrash6 must have looked very normal taking pictures of the feet of the statue. Another commenter shed some light on the image where WeeabooTrash6 is holding Malenia’s hand, with many other users joking the image should be marked as unsafe for work and blurred out.

With more news coming out daily about the game, such as Ring of Eldenreveals the class of bandits and astrologers, it looks like the fashionable train has left its station and won’t stop until the game is finally released. With only two weeks until that date, players won’t have to wait long to journey into the open world experience.

Ring of Elden is set to release February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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