Men steal up to $2,000 worth of Pokemon cards from Seattle game store

Two West Seattle men broke into a card store and stole up to $2,000 worth of Pokémon cards.

Pokemon cards continue to be a sign of wealth as the value of the collectible creature set has rivaled coveted sneakers and, in some cases, even more.

As the value of iconic cards continues to rise, there are numerous reports of people barging into stores to acquire these precious items, resell them, and sometimes add them to their own collection.

On April 25, 2022, a Kiro7 article reported that once again these valuables had been robbed.

The Pokemon Company

Pokémon cards have become a rare commodity in recent years.

West Seattle Men on the Loose: $2,000 Pokemon Cards Stolen From Store

As first reported by Kiro7, an unnamed duo of men broke into a West Seattle card store and made off with valuable goods, including Pokémon cards and cards. Magic: the Gathering.

The store, known as Meeples Games, alerted the West Seattle outlet that the incident happened around “Thursday around 5am”.

Meeples also provided surveillance footage illustrating how the two men broke into the establishment and escaped with the store’s merchandise.

According to a Meeples Games employee named Dani Kennedy, the game store is located on the second floor, which understandably makes the entrance to the business quite difficult to reach without some sort of assistance.

Charizard in Pokemon TCG
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon cards can be found in resale markets for up to $75,000.

Because of this, Dani and the rest of the store employees believe that the two men must at least know the company or someone who works or has worked there.

“We are a local, family-run store. And the door alone is going to cost an arm and a leg to fix,” employee Dani Kennedy said. “We survived COVID and were just getting back on our feet.”

The two anonymous thieves must be arrested and have been free since April 25.