New ‘Gilded Age’ Cold War & Warzone Pack available in in-game store

One question that preoccupies everyone before Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map is whether or not you will be able to use the weapons of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. We will answer them for you today.

Call of Duty: Warzone already has a ridiculously bloated arsenal of weapons for players to choose from. With over 100 guns to choose from starting in Warzone Season 6, the transition to Warzone Pacific and the new Caldera map will see all of Vanguard’s weapons added.

However, this begs the question for many players, will the new map and the addition of almost 40 Vanguard weapons mean that Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War weapons will have to run out?

Can you use Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons in Warzone Pacific?

Fans of all Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War weapons will be delighted to know that they will also be report in Warzone Pacific.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Zach Hodson, Chief Designer at Sledgehammer Games, discussed how Vanguard’s weapons will need to be considered when adding them to all other existing weapons in the game.

He said SHG was to keep a “separate balance sheet to monitor how things might work in Warzone.” Presumably, that takes into account the 40 additional weapons, which brings Warzone to a total of around 150 guns for players.

It should be noted that Warzone Pacific’s game modes will adapt weapons to its different game modes. Warzone Caldera Battle Royale will allow the use of all firearms, while Vanguard-specific modes will only allow the use of all firearms. use of Vanguard weapons.

How to use Cold War and MW weapons in Warzone Pacific

AK-47 gunsmith selection in the war zone

While there is nothing concrete yet, we believe that in order to use these weapons in Warzone Pacific, players will be able to simply select the ones they have unlocked once Season 1 integrates with Vanguard online.

When Black Ops Cold War and Warzone merged, players could simply use the weapons they unlocked in Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. If you hadn’t unlocked a certain weapon, then you could complete a different challenge condition each game.

We expect it to be exactly the same in Warzone Pacific, and it will be up to the player’s preference and availability of each CoD game to decide how to unlock particular weapons.

We’ll be sure to update this once Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software provide a slightly more official look at weapon integration.

In the meantime, find out everything we know about Vanguard and Warzone Season 1.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games