New World Dev explains how the in-game store will work, player feedback is appreciated

Amazon Games’ new world – which appears to be one of the only projects the company has blocked from canceling – is due out in August and the game will have a real-money store. However, the dev team is seeking feedback from players regarding this store and trying to be transparent about future plans.

Recent alpha phase patch notes made mention of the game’s store, and studio director Rich Lawrence posted a statement on Twitter explaining how it would work.

“All of the store’s items at launch will be exclusively cosmetic in nature,” Lawrence said. “We are bringing the showcase in alpha to test these items and their value. No selection in the store or their stated cost (when testing there is no real cost by any means) is final. Our goal is quality assurance and gathering of player feedback, so please share your thoughts once the system is introduced. “

It’s possible, however, that future paid content will be more than cosmetic, like “rested XP” or fast travel, although Lawrence said that wouldn’t be the only way to get that content, and added that the team wish to continue listening. to comments when deciding how to move forward. Ultimately, a battle pass style system can be introduced to combine certain elements, but it will first be tested to ensure that it doesn’t cause issues with the gameplay.

New World, slated for release on PC on August 31, is a huge MMORPG that Amazon Games has been developing for several years, and many other studio projects have been canceled. This includes a separate Lord of the Rings MMO that was reportedly canceled following a dispute with Tencent, as well as the Crucible shooter, which took the unusual step of actually release before being withdrawn from sale and closed.

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