Pietermaritzburg game store reopens after July looting

Game’s head of customer experience, Lenore Harmse, along with Nomfundo Ngcobo and Nontobeko Khumalo, who received R5,000 vouchers after Game reopened in Pietermaritzburg on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, dozens of customers camped outside the game store on Chief Albert Luthuli Street in Pietermaritzburg, excited to shop as soon as it reopened.

The store is one of many that were looted and damaged during the unrest in July last year.

Game VP of Marketing Katherine Madley said she was thrilled to reopen the store.

Madley said this week they are opening three of the 10 stores that were destroyed during the Troubles.

The other two are in Pinetown and Empangeni in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

“We are very excited to open this store. It’s completely overhauled,” Madley said.

“We’ve done an amazing job redoing the walls, shelves and we have a strategy called Game re-imagined where we’ve re-imagined retail, which is what we were doing before the looting.”

Katherine Madley, Game VP for Marketing

She added that the people who had worked at the store for years were passionate about it.

Fortunately, they were able to retain their staff after the troubles.

Some staff said The witnessthey were grateful that the store had reopened and that, unlike other employees at other stores who were looted, they were able to keep their jobs.

Madley said they lost almost everything during the July Troubles.

“The looting we experienced decimated our exercise. We lost 39 stores in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal including Game, Makro, Cambridge Food and Builders,” she said.

Game Vice President Andrew Stein said they plan to revamp 68 stores this year, five of which have now been completed and reopened.

One of the customers, Thandi Zuma, said she was waiting for the day when Game opened its doors again.

“It’s no secret that the looting that happened in the store had a huge effect and inconvenience for us.

Zum said:

“I had to drive across town for the game. I’m really happy to see it open again.

Game also offered its first two customers who had spent R500 or more at the store R5,000 vouchers.

Nomfundo Ngcobo and Nontobeko Khumalo were both thrilled and said they needed it.

Ngcobo said she camped outside the store from 6:30 a.m.

“I heard that if I spend R500 as the first customer, I can earn the voucher and waste no time.

“When they finished cutting the ribbon, I rushed to get a set of jars which I also needed and paid,” Ngcobo said.