Pikmin Bloom: How To Unlock Coins | In-game store currency guide

Earn free in-game currency as you ride. Walk around a lot.

Coins are the in-game currency for the store of Pikmin Bloom, and even if you’ve reached level 15, you might not have earned a single coin. In the store you can buy useful items to speed up the growth of seedlings, buy nectar to increase your friendship level or increase your storage capacity. Some items can only be purchased with real money, but almost anything can be purchased with coins. And coins that you can earn yourself, but it won’t be easy.

Obviously you can also buy parts with real money using the store. If you really like Pikmin Bloom and enjoy planting flowers – which uses the petals you collected to plant flowers while walking to collect more step energy – you can earn up to 30 gold coins one day. Not bad. Do this for 10 days and you’ll have enough to buy some of the more expensive stuff in the series. This is an extremely slow method that will take forever. At least it is free.

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How To Earn Free In-Game Currency | Coin Guide

Coins are the game currency of Pikmin Bloom. You can spend them in the store on useful items or buy coins through real money microtransactions. You can also earn them!

  • To earn free coins you must plant flowers.
    • You will win 1 piece for 500 flowers planted.
    • You can earn up to 30 pieces per day.

At the start of the game you will unlock the ability to plant flowers. To plant flowers, you need feed pikmin’s nectar – feed enough nectar and the plant on the Pikmin’s head will bud into a flower. Tap the glowing flower on a Pikmin’s head to collect the flower petals.

With flower petals you can then plant flowers while walking. Before you start walking, open the flower planting menu (flower icon) and tap the petal pot for the type of flower you want to plant. Once this has been selected, you can start walking while the Pokemon bloom the application is running in the background.

Plant 500 flower petals you will get 1 piece. Each location has a 5 minutes of charging for a flower being planted, so it is better for you to move. Pokemon bloom normally doesn’t require distance – in this game your steps are counted instead of distance. But when you plant flowers, you must move and walk. It is better to move to different places and not to overlap the same place several times in 5 minutes. A track, for example, is not an ideal location for planing.

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