Prey and Jotun are the next free Epic Game Store offers

Prey and Jotun will be available for free on the Epic Games Store next week, allowing you to board the Talos 1 space station to fend off muddy creatures or dive into a hand-drawn tapestry of Norse monsters.

Prey is often claimed to be Arkane’s sleepiest game, a comprehensive reboot of the original that blends Arx Fatalis’ level design approach with modern immersive simulation elements to create a blend of horror and exploration that embraces player choice – all in space. Oh, and it has Benedict Wong. Sorcerer Supreme Benedict Wong. It’s also up for grabs on Xbox Game Pass, but you don’t even need a subscription to play it now.

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Jotun, on the other hand, is an indie game from Thunder Lotus where you play as Thora, a Viking warrior who “died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the gods to enter Valhalla”. Part of the proof is fending off some of the greatest Norse villains, taking on extremely difficult mythology-themed bosses. Your weapon of choice? A giant two-handed battle axe, while you bask in the blessings of the gods.

But right now – this week – you can get Terraforming Mars, a turn-based strategy, as you can probably tell from the title, terraforming Mars. The goal is to create a hospitable planet to live on, bringing back oceans, lush landscapes, oxygen, and more, so it can become a New Earth for the people of Old Earth. This freebie will expire when Prey and Jotun roll, so be sure to grab it before.

In other Epic news, you can finally play Fortnite on iOS again thanks to a new partnership with Xbox Cloud. Whether or not you have Game Pass, you can stream Fortnite from your web browser or mobile device for free. If you missed out on the battle royale frenzy, now’s the time to revisit it – there’s Star Wars cosmetics and quests, Doctor Strange-themed skins, and more.

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