Signed Black Lotus stolen from CA Game Store


An extremely rare Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gatheringbearing the signatures of the card artist Christopher Rush and the creator of the game Richard Garfield, was stolen from a local Southern California game store on Friday, January 7. The store owners are now seeking to recover the card and have provided details of the incident as well as a camera image of the alleged suspect.

The Black Lotus in question, signed by both the artist Christopher Rush and Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield. Image credited to Finch and Sparrow Games in Signal Hill, CA and used with permission.

According to the social media post on multiple outlets by Finch and sparrow games from Signal Hill, California:

Hello team. Help us by spreading the word. We just had our Beta Black Lotus stolen. Photo attached for more details and photo of the person who stole the card. This card is super identifiable and people don’t just show up with a Beta Lotus. Lotus is beta, and double signed by Garfield and Rush. Garfield in pen above the text box and Rush in gold ink near the bottom of the text box.

Getaway car. Toyota/honda sedan. Partial plate: starts with “8W” possibly “8WJ” or “8W9J”.

If you see it on Facebook, Offerup or in a store, please contact us.

We all appreciate you. Be careful.

According to the owner of Finch and Sparrow Michael Aust“The most important thing at the moment is to secure the Lotus. We have offered to reimburse anyone’s expenses on this. [We] would prefer to secure the product through a transaction.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this theft Magic: The Gathering may contact Finch and Sparrow Games through the store’s email address ([email protected]) or by calling the store directly at 1 (562) 249-8172.

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