Steam’s 2021 MAUs beat PlayStation, more than double Epic Game Store

Valve’s PC gaming platform Steam had more monthly active users throughout 2021 than PlayStation Network, according to new data.


PC games are on the rise, and major publishers like Capcom, SEGA, Microsoft, and even Sony are releasing their games. Steam is firmly at the top of the PC platform pecking order (nearly every publisher has released their own proprietary game launcher, but some, like, are closing shop) and outside of multi-million dollar exclusivity deals. ‘Epic Games Store, everyone wants their games on Steam for one big reason: that’s where most gamers are.

Steam's 2021 MAUs Beat PlayStation, More Than Double Epic Game Store 2 |

New data from Valve shows that Steam had 132 million monthly active users (MAUs) throughout 2021.

That’s a huge number for two reasons: 1) it’s 12 million MAUs more than in 2020, and 2) Steam actually beat PlayStation Network’s numbers of 21 million users (according to Sony data, PSN had 111 million MAUs in Q3’21, i.e. as of December 31, 2021). These numbers put PC gaming firmly at the top of the $175 billion global video game market.

In fact, Steam’s MAUs for 2021 nearly beat the entire userbase of currently reported modern PlayStation hardware. Sony has shipped 134.4 million PS4 and PS5 consoles combined as of December 31, 2021. Compare that to Steam’s 132 million MAUs and there’s only a difference of 2.4 million between PC users and users console.

It’s also worth mentioning that Steam’s MAUs were more than double the Epic Games Store’s numbers. That says a lot considering that EGS is required to play Fortnite.

“There are no bad years to be a PC gamer, but 2021 has been particularly good. From Days Gone to Forza Horizon 5, PC gamers have been able to enjoy an incredible lineup from some of the best studios in console owners of the planet “, Valve wrote in the SteamWorks blog post.

Steam's 2021 MAUs Beat PlayStation, More Than Double Epic Game Store 2 |