The Epic Game Store will continue to offer free games in 2022

In 2021, the Epic Games Store offered more free games than in 2020 and in its New Year’s review, Epic confirmed that it will continue to offer free games in 2022. The Epic Games Store will continue to offer free games. free games in 2022 and they showed a giveaway of millions of free games last year. In 2021, Epic gave away more than 750 million free games, even more than in 2020, and in an annual review, Epic confirmed that it will continue to develop free games until 2022. Steam does not just continue to insist on creating new games. Great feature, but EPIC continues to distribute games to force people to use their Play Store.

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Other important partner updates this year include enhancements to the Developer Portal and PC Cross-Play Store provided by Epic Online Services. The announcement comes as Epic has released its annual roundup, which takes stock of the store in 2021 and, of course, gives us a glimpse of what’s to come this year, which will no doubt include many free and regularly published games. . The news that free games will continue to circulate as temptations to sign up for the store and participate in them comes as no real surprise, although some may be wondering how long Epic can keep shelling out big bucks. money for some of them. huge titles that he guarantees as gifts. You can only claim the game for free for 24 hours. Games are free forever if you “purchase” them during the free period through the checkout process. Sometimes only one new game is added per week, but other times there can be as many as two or three.

If you managed to get all the free games Epic offered in the last year, you should have 73 games in your library worth $1,455. As expected, the vast majority of free games distributed by the store (76 out of 89) set concurrent user records even on PC after the promotion. The store in 2021 grew to $840 million, up 20% from 2020, but what’s interesting is a percentage of that amount spent on third-party games, i.e. published by Epic, which I guess basically means Fortnite V-bucks remained almost flat by 36% vs. 37% in 2020.

Epic Game Store Free Games

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“We are encouraged by your continued support and look forward to bringing you exciting games and experiences in 2022 from our many talented developer and publisher partners. We are proud to be part of a growing community of developers, publishers, gamers and creators. It makes 2021 another great year for us.”

Epic also announced that its store had more than 194 million users, up 34 million from last year. Epic plans to continue giving away freebies for the near future and doesn’t even expect to break even until 2027. As mentioned earlier, Epics decision to continue giving away free games every week is likely the result of their huge success in 2021. They started doing this to wrest control of the market from Steam, which still dominates digital game distribution. To entice people to download the launcher, Epic spent hundreds of millions of dollars on game giveaways and limited-time exclusives. More people will be drawn to Epic as a platform like Steam, and free game developers will experience an influx of users.