The local game store is growing during the pandemic

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A local game store is seeing surprisingly good growth even during the pandemic.

Geekz Haven started in 2019.

Soon after, they started selling clothes and accessories from a small office.

Within months, they expanded again, this time offering games, but when the pandemic crept into Wiregrass, fears of a slowdown in their business grew.

To the owner’s surprise, they finally found a building that met their needs during the pandemic.

They say this wouldn’t have happened without the constant support of their gaming community, even during the shutdown.

“We called it survival kits during the pandemic so we made like little boxes that had like dice where you could get magic and collect cards Pokemon and people were really ordering them to try to us help and buy gift cards, store credit to help us. Without the community, we are nothing. We are just a store, an empty store. Without them, we wouldn’t be here,” says Dawn Veasey, owner of Geekz Haven.

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, the team at Geekz Haven plans to gradually return to normal.

If you enter the store, you will find sanitizer at each table and staff cleaning areas after each use.

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