Trusted Reviews Awards 2021: Steam Wins Best Game Store of the Year Award

Steam won the readers’ best game store of 2021 category at the Trusted Reviews Awards 2021.

With thousands of readers voting, they chose Steam over fierce competitors including Epic Game Store,, Nintendo eShop, and PlayStation Store.

Steam garnered 43.90% of the vote, with PlayStation Store coming in 2nd and Epic Game Store in 3rd. Some may be surprised to see the Epic Games Store drop so low in the rankings, as it has offered a slew of free games over the past few years, with A Total War Saga: Troy on launch day being the most notable.

But a lack of important features has clearly held back the Epic Games Store, with user reviews, achievements, and a basket still missing. Meanwhile, Steam continues to offer a full showcase while also having frequent sales that see some major games at discounted prices. All things considered, it’s no surprise to see him win the award.

Readers Awards winners are chosen by Trusted Reviews readers, with votes cast over a period from August to the end of September.

The Trusted Reviews Awards are an annual event where we showcase the best products we’ve reviewed over the past 12 months.

These 2021 awards were a week-long digital event, rather than a physical ceremony, in response to the ongoing pandemic. With the Readers Awards now, the Trusted Reviews Awards 2021 are now over. See you next year.