Twitch Fans Shocked by Attempted Robbery at Popular Game Store Livestreamed

. 1 month ago

A potential theft at Pink Gorilla Gaming, an American game store known for its Twitch streams, has been arrested and the theft has been intercepted by the owner. The entire event was filmed live.

Brick-and-mortar stores have been feeling the tightening dominance of online retail for some time. This, combined with a reluctance by the buying public to go out into the real world to purchase goods, has meant that a number of companies have turned to unique ways of appealing to their audience.

Pink Gorilla Gaming is one such store, with owner Cody frequently streaming gameplay and the store during business hours on his “DSKOopa” Twitch account.

The account’s 76,000 followers had an unreal sight on May 31 as Cody caught a blatant attempted robbery on camera.

In the video, you can see an unidentified man in the background of the store opening a classroom cupboard. As it does, it makes a loud squealing noise.

Shouting “Woah”, the owner drives him out of the store in pursuit of the thief. Customers browsing the store remained silent.

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As the stream continues, Cody is finally seen returning to the store brandishing all the merchandise the former thief tried to grab. A happy look is plastered on his face as he says, “Well, I got it back.”

A Nintendo Switch, limited-edition Xbox One, and the R2D2 Xbox 360 were all pulled out of the storefront with a combined value of $750.

Returning later in the stream, Cody says, “Looking at the clip, you can tell my brain doesn’t quite realize what’s really going on. I go from a quick jog to a sprint at the end when everything clicks into place.

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Perhaps the weirdest result of the video is watching the rest of the stream in the Pink Gorilla Gaming store continue as normal. The theft was processed, the goods were returned and everyone got on with their lives.