World of Warcraft fan recreates iconic Elwynn Forest with updated gameplay elements

Known as the human starting zone in World of Warcraft, Elwynn Forest is lovingly recreated by a fan in the game’s unique art style.

wow world of warcraft fan made elwynn forest remake

There is no shortage of passionate fans who love World of Warcraft – a game almost old enough to vote for – and the most talented among them never fail to surprise with their creative projects set in the lands of Azeroth. Through countless fanarts, music videos, comedy sketches, gameplay concepts, expansion ideas or even recreation World of Wacraft areas in Unreal Engine, community engagement with source material has long been one of the franchise’s brightest spots.


As World of Warcraft aged over a period of 17 years, some parts of it have aged gracefully – some less so. While the game’s art direction has covered the imperfections, wear and tear, and hardware limitations of game assets created during Azeroth’s early years, Blizzard’s recent efforts to tweak and remaster their older titles like Diablo 2: Risenleft players wondering when World of Warcraft the oldest areas would suffer the same fate.

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In a video posted to YouTube by Horazmodu titled Elwynn Reborn, they depict the iconic human starting area using new high-definition models and textures that World of Warcraft used for Alliance outposts in recent expansions such as Warlords of Draenor Where Battle for Azerothas well as some custom templates to add the finishing touch.

The end result is transformative and a definite improvement over its predecessor in terms of visual fidelity and detail, but perhaps more importantly, it retains the game’s recognizable art style and identity, while preserving the feel of the area of ​​origin. Northshire Abbey, Goldshire, Eastvale Logging Camp, Azora’s Tower – all the major landmarks in Elwynn Forest are beautifully represented and present in the video.

Although some MMOs and multiplayer games such as Final Fantasy 14 Where Fallout 76 don’t explicitly forbid people from using texture mods, and even support them unofficially, Blizzard’s tough stance against third-party client mods has relegated projects such as graphical improvements outside of the game. the World of Warcraft The community has suggested that an official remake of Elwynn Forest may take place in the near future, as building asset files related to Elwynn Forest and other areas that use human architecture have been datamined in the last Shadowland room.

While this clashes with leaks and rumor of the next Dragon Islands expansion in progress, additional development time could well have been allocated to remastering the old starting areas. Players will no doubt know more in the coming months, as the announcement window for World of Warcraft new expansion looms ever closer.

World of Warcraft: Shadow Lands is available on PC.

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